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This phone app is a welcome addition to the textbook A Practice of Anesthesia forInfants and Children, Elsevier, Inc (by Charles J. Coté, Jerrold Lerman and Brian Anderson). This very user-friendly design and interface of the advanced app presents a trove of valuable clinical information for the practitioner. Specifically, the app includes a quick drug calculator for most pediatric anesthesia and critical care medications (including antibiotics, sedatives and local anesthetics), management of emergency situations including anaphylaxis, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, difficult airway algorithms, and malignant hyperthermia, as well as diagrams of all major congenital heart lesions complete with bullet points for their anesthesia related management. In addition, guidelines for blood component therapy, dosing of inotropes, diagnosis and management of diabetes insipidus, endotracheal tube size based on age and much more important information is included. This advanced app version will be updated approximately every 6 months with exciting new data, tables and diagrams.